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                                                                         about me//

                                  Hello! My name is Sophia, Blogger with a love of art, fashion,
                                  photography and interior design lover from New Zealand. I started
                                instagram- ing in early 2015 and expanded to a blog in 2016. I wanted
                                widen my ranges of sharing with the world all the things I enjoy. I love the
                               little things in life such as endless amounts of pinning on pinterest, forever
                            changing my room, sipping on warm herbal tea, dancing, paddleboarding,                                               minimalist pottery and listening to good tunes. Check more of me out on the                                       gram @sophiaolive_ I spend most of my time sharing on there. Please don't be                                              afraid to chat and say hi on email or any of my social medias!

                                                                     - Sophia Olive xx

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  1. Love your blog and instagram! May I ask what your pinterest is?